How to change your friend’s whatsapp profile picture(dp) without touching their phone  

​ You can easily scare your friends by using a horrible picture for their whatsapp dp without having access to their phone
This is how it is done

  1. First go to whatsapp and view the dp of your friend whose dp you want to change.
  2. Open your file manager and go to the whatsapp folder. Open the folder named whatsapp profile picture and rename your friends proifile picture to anything.
  3. Now move the picture you want to use as his or her dp and rename it with their whatsapp number (i.e the number attached to their whatsapp profile picture you’ve renamed).
  4. Turn flight mode on and off  and go back to whatsapp and view their dp again and you will see it has changed to the one you’ve renamed with their number.

    Thus just a simple trick to scare your friends .

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