How To Download Facebook Videos On Your Android smartphone And PC [No Apps Or Softwares Needed]

Have you watched any video on Facebook that you want to download but don’t know how to get it done? Follow these simple steps and download any video on Facebook without using any app or software.

Downloading Facebook videos on Android Smartphones

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  1. When you get to the video you want to download, tap the arrow or three dots at the top right corner of the video and copy the url link of that video.
  2. Open your browser and paste the url link of the video in the url box and then load it.
  3. After the is displayed, open and play the video for few seconds and pause it(Note: play the video in full screen mode).
  4. Now long press on the video and you will see download video. Tap on it and start downloading the video.
  5. After the video is downloaded successfully, go to your download manager and play it now.


That’s it you can now download any Facebook video on your android smartphone without any app.


Downloading Facebook videos on PC

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The above trick  is almost the same for downloading Facebook videos on PC so let’s check it out.

  1. Right click on the video you want to download and copy the url of the url video.
  2. Open another tap and paste the link in the url box(Note the page must be in mobile view i.e “” which means you must replace the “www” with “m“) and click enter.
  3. Open the video and play for few seconds. Now pause the video and right click on it, you will see “Save Video As” click on it download the video on your PC.


That’s it. Download all your Facebook videos using this simple tricks.

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